"Can you say butterflies...then goosebumps...wow! You just really made me fall in love with you even more!! You are truly amazing. Thank you so much for being...well, you! You made that experience incredible for both of us and you are so beyond the word talented!
I can't wait to share these, everyone has been asking about them! I'm so amazingly and wonderfully excited!!
You are my newest favorite person,
Rachelle" (bride)  

"Lisa was great! She fit right in with all of us, not to mention that she took amazing pictures. Picking which ones you want to pick is the hardest part."

~April D.  (Bride)


"You are officially phenomenal!!! Thanks so much for the super fast turnaround."

~Janell C.


 "You never cease to amaze me!!  Another great shot! :) "

~Kaite L.


"OMG. photos are uh maz ing.  Everyone is raving.   You rock!"

~Laura E. 

"I finally had a chance to sit down and look at these (for more than 5-seconds on my phone) and they are just amazing. You are truly so talented. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I really think you should be charging more for your sessions. Honestly, your composition and editing are impeccable. I actually think you would be amazing at commercial photography as well...though I'm not sure if that's something you're interested in. I understand if you're working on building out your portfolio, but I wouldn't wait long as you will surely be amongst the top tier photographers in this market in no time. This isn't something I have said to anyone else I've encountered. I just really feel you have a gift for this and it is definitely worth something."

~Mary F.


"I am dying over these! You are such a fabulous photographer!"

~Kristen M.


"OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE PHOTO'S!!!!!!!!!! Listen to your vm when done with bedtime. Thx so much...oxoxoxxo"

(the vm from this customer was the most touching vm I have ever recieved. Her message actually brought tears to my eyes that I could actually deliver so much love through a set of photo's).

~Melissa A.


"You somehow captured exactly what I was looking for in a photo session.  They are absolutely AMAZING!  Thank you so much."

~Ashley K.


"You are the absolute BEST! Thanks so much – the pictures look perfect!"

~Barb Z.


 "I check in on your site every now and then and always like your work and a great web site to visit."

~Derry M.


"First off, we LOVE the photos! We got the disc today and are already ordering prints!"

~Melissa A.


"Thank you SO much, I love the sneak peak already!"

~Courtney M.


"Love the sneak peek! They look awesome! Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing all the rest!"

~Kacy C.


"I just wanted to tell you that you photography is absolutely amazing. Way to go."

~ Ann M.


"OMG THEY R AWESOME!!!!! I love them!  Thank u sooooo much:)  Just darling, u r a rock stah."

~Mini M.


"Your pictures are awesome and seem to be the talk of facebook!"

~Susan B.


"Love the photos!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!"

~Denise P.


"This photo totally captures my boy! A swing and a car in hand...pure joy. Thanks again, again and again, Lisa!"

~Bree P.


"OMG! So amazing!!!!!!!!!"

~Kt O.


Once again, your work was just perfect and beautiful....exactly what I needed. Let me know if you want a testimonial written for your website...
Check out your handiwork at www.therapeuticpilates.org
I used almost all of them...haha!! Thank you so much!"
~Amanda T.
Facebook comment:
"Love these! Thank you Lisa!! Lisa Meyer always does an amazing job!!!"
~Stacie T.
"Oh my goodness, we LOVE the pictures!! They look awesome on the wall and the text on them is so great!
We have been joking that the pictures are going to start disappearing because the parents are going to steal them!"

~Chesterfield Academy


"This is what I should've shared first. More comprehensive, and sweet as can be. Lisa Meyer you are awesome."


~Lindsey T.