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Created 12-Feb-14
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One of my favorite things about being creative is the ability to think of an idea...and then make it come to life. Kt is not only amazing but creative too. We enjoy the same thing, being creative. So when Kt brainstorms the weatherman better watch out. A rush of ideas and creativity will be flooding. Her inspiration for the day (and rightfully so was "Best Day Ever"). I was more than happy to join in on bringing this theme to life.

Spending the day with Kt, Erik & friends was more than any photographer could ask for. I mean, I even got a little photographer's gift wrapped in a glitter bag from Kt before I got started! LOVE HER! Have you ever met 2 people that are connected in a way that you just know they are soul mates? I'm around couples a lot. I can't stress the word "A LOT" enough here. But, these guys are like old souls. I knew this when I did their engagement shoot last Spring.

On the day of their wedding, I felt like they have been already married. They've been connected awhile. 1 in the same. Corny, ehh? Well, it's true. I think most of their friends & family couldn't deny this either. Which is why I think it really was the "Best Day Ever". Solidifying a feeling that has been present for so long would make anyone say it's the "Best Day Ever". Don't you think? In the words of Emily Bronte, "Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

Congratulations Kt & Erik. It was truly an honor to capture your "Best Day Ever".

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