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Created 16-Aug-13
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I first met Jessica over the phone when she called to book an appointment. Right there, I knew this girl was charismatic and had energy unlike a typical Senior.

Throughout the whole shoot, Jessica & I were laughing and having an amazing time! She was so carefree and said "whatever you think we should do, I am all for it." LOVE HER! So, we started to shoot, and shoot, AND shoot. We shot till well past the scheduled time, but I didn't mind because this girl just kept giving her 100%. Totally natural, completely carefree, sweet as can be, I give you the amazing Jessica.

Judy & Jessica,
Thank you for asking and allowing me to capture and document this special time in your life. Best of luck this Senior year & I wish the best for you in your college years, Jessica. You guys were awesome and totally made this a memorable shoot.....stay amazing, Lisa

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