Lisa Meyer Photography | Sweet Baby Mack
Created 29-Nov-12
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I don't think I have ever been more flattered than the day Kristen asked me to do a shoot for baby Mack (insert hip shake and moonwalk across my kitchen floor here).

See, I used to work with Kristen and I know she has an eye for detail and knows what looks good. She used to be in marketing before she became a SAHM. I mean, lets be real here. Mack Marcus, how cool is that name?!? This kid is going places, I tell ya. Oh yes, he's going places.

This shoot was soo awesome. Mack, Kristen and Pat all have very similar dynamics. Calm, cool and collected. Very easy going and go with flow type of folks. I hope you guys love these pictures as much as I do. I had such a perfect afternoon with this precious, squishy, and sweet little guy. Bravo guys (insert golf clap here)!

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